2024 Community Fundraising Program
January 22, 2024

Parkway Co-op’s Community Fundraising Program
Purpose of the Program
The Community Fundraising Program is designed to support local community groups and non-profit organizations that we serve. We welcome the opportunity to be involved and help build a stronger community through fundraising programs that enrich the lives of community members.
Charity BBQ
• Group must book the location and date of the Charity BBQ a minimum of three weeks in advance
• Group is responsible to apply for and obtain a Temporary Food Handling Permit 10 days prior to event. The permit is free but necessary for all BBQs and requirements must be followed. The link is:
• Parkway Co-op will provide tent, BBQ, propane, and a $75 Gift Card for a Charity BBQ
• Group is responsible to transport the tent and BBQ to the location
• Group is required to pre-order pre-cooked burgers, hotdogs or smokies, buns and refreshments through the Parkway Co-op Meat department, Bakery and Grocery departments. Please watch for sales on condiments, drinks, etc., to maximize your profits on a BBQ. Speak to the Food Store Manager, regarding pricing and sales. Don(Roblin), Craig (Grandview), Brett(Rossburn).
• Group is expected to return the items used in the same good condition as the items were received
• Groups are expected to contact local radio and newspaper and social media to promote the fundraising event, location, date, and times, and what cause the funds will be used for
Grocery Bagging Fundraiser
• Group must contact the administration office to verify eligibility
• Group must dress up in their gear so that shoppers can easily identify them
• Group must bag the groceries and/or carry them to the customer’s vehicle
• Donations are entirely voluntary, and be sure your group tells this to the customers
• Group must bring their fundraiser donation boxes for the supporters to donate
• Group must be supervised by adults in same number as youth
• Youth organizations or sports teams and events
• Local school teams, activities, and events
• Community groups and non-profit organizations and events
The following programs/groups are ineligible to apply:
• Individuals, including socials
• Federal, provincial, or municipal government agencies and school boards
• Profit based organizations
• Projects or programs outside of Parkway Co-op trading areas
• Groups that could have an adverse social or environmental impact
• Third-party fundraising campaigns
How to Apply
Application forms can be requested by calling the Parkway Co-op Administration at 204-937-6414 or email d.evans@parkwaycoop.com or downloading below.
Completed application forms, along with any supporting documents may be submitted to the Parkway Co-op Administration Office between March 1st and April 30th, 2024.

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