Online Grocery Order Form
May 28, 2021

Parkway Co-op has made it easier to get what you need, whether you shop in Grandview, Roblin or Rossburn.

With our online grocery ordering, just submit your grocery order and let us do the work for you! Simply visit our online order page, and choose the location best suited for you. Fill in your order details, select payment method and delivery or pickup, hit send and voila!

Your order will be processed as soon as possible. We will contact you to collect payment.

NOTE: Product returns CANNOT be accepted at this time, so please indicate if substitutions can be accepted in place of out-of-stock items. If items are not in stock, you will not receive them in your order.

Pickup and delivery service by location as follows:

Grandview  Monday to Friday

Roblin  Monday to Saturday

Rossburn  Monday to Saturday

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